Department of Music and Fine Arts

Northern Caribbean University

Vision Statement

To create a stimulating and scholarly culture; where the best practices of pedagogy, integration of faith and learning, res earch and servant leadership are modelled.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Department of Music, in accordance with the Institution’s mission, is to prepare students to serve within the church as well as the wider regional and global communities. The Department of Music is committed to academic excellence and to providing students with a music education based on a Seventh-day Adventist Christian worldview. Working together, faculty and students create an atmosphere within which intellectual, social an d artistic development can take place.

Programme Goals

A. The general objectives of the Music Programme of Northern Caribbean University are to:

  1. Assist the student in the development of a Christian philosophy that will acknowledge the restorative and ennobling power of music.
  2. Instil in the student an intellectual and experiential understanding of music histories and culture, musical styles and the theoretical principles of music.
  3. Prepare the student to perform competently and confidently in his or her speciality.
  4. Acquire perceptive skills needed for sensitive ensemble participation.
  5. Develop the student’s creativity in all aspects of musical expression.
  6. Lay a solid basis for a career in music and/or graduate study.
  7. Prepare the student to understand the multifaceted world of professional music and to become a functioning contributor to the musical life of the community.

B. Measurable musical objectives are to develop in the student specific competencies which shall include:

  1. A functional knowledge of the language and grammar of music.
  2. The ability to hear, identify and relate the rhythmic, melodic, harmonic and formal elements of music.
  3. An intimate knowledge of a wide selection of music literature representing the principal eras and genres.
  4. A functional ability in those performing areas appropriate to the student’s needs and interests and requirements of the degree programme.
  5. Fluency in sight-reading, dictation and improvisation skills.
  6. Possession of functional basic piano skills.
  7. Ability to rehearse choral and instrumental ensembles.
  8. Develop and deliver high quality and relevant music curricula at the high school and /or elementary school levels.